Teardrop Ribbon Earrings


I had always admired teardrop earrings but even though I shop a lot, I never ended up getting myself a pair. I’ve been pretty obsessed with making earrings lately after I bought a pack of earrings from Michaels. So I just made a different type of teardrop earring for myself to try.

Here’s what I used:


– Ribbon (2 1/2 inch of ribbon per earring)

– Ball post earring (from Michaels of course)

– Chains (1 1/4 inch per earring)

– Needle and thread (I used white but it would be better to use a similar color thread)

Let’s Begin, Shall We:


1. I burnt the ends of the ribbon before I began folding it into a “W” shape. Then sew the part where all the folds meet so that it will stay in that shape.




2. I then folded the middle section of the “W” down to create a parallelogram. Sew the middle of this parallelogram to make it stay in place. Then, the pearls would need to be sewed to the top and bottom of the middle that was just sewn together.



3. The flaps that are left would need to folded to create a triangle on each side and then pulled upwards and sewn together to create a teardrop shape.



4. Attach the chain and the earring post together. Following that the chain would need to be attached to the point of the teardrop.


Tada, now I have my first handmade teardrop earring! I didn’t get a chance to wear them yet but I love how it came out. Let me know what you think of them?

—Vicky T.

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