Brunch at Blu Jam Cafe


I love trying new places on the weekend. This Saturday I went to with Elizabeth (from The Chic Studio) to the very popular Blu Jam Cafe near the Grove.

I wasn’t really expecting much from the food but the crunchy french toast that was highly raved about on Yelp was super good. It was crunchy on the outside, hence the name, and tasted like a unique cereal when it was combined with the vanilla. There were also blueberries and strawberry bits to create a unique taste.


We tried an omelette and vanilla lattes as well but these two were nothing out of the extraordinary. The decor and ambience was very comfortable but there was nothing that stood out as well. 




Since it was located in LA, it took me a good hour to get through traffic to get there. But I would definitely go back just for the french toast!

Happy eating!

Vicky T.

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