Wall Decal Inspired Phone Case

featured image_decal case

I get bored of my phone cases really easily. As a result I resort to making my own. I have been really obsessed with wall decals lately and decided to make similar patterns. With some white contact paper, I set out to make my own one of a kind phone case.

What I used:

Con-Tact Brand White Self Adhesive Shelf Liner (any self adhesive would work though)

– Clear Phone Case

– Pencil and Scissors


Let’s get started!

1. I started off with tracing my phone case onto the contact paper(self adhesive) so I could get an idea of how I would want the design on my phone


2. Then, trace or draw in the desired design on the back. I traced mine from this design


3. The harder part is to actually cut out the design. I made sure that the whole design stayed intact so I could make two phone cases from it.



4. Now peel off the back and stick it on the clear case. All done!


Now I have a one of a kind phone case. If you try it out, let me know how it turns out!

With love,

Vicky T.

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