DIY: Sephora Inspired Mother’s Day Card

Mother’s day is coming soon. Here’s a last minute greeting card, inspired from Sephora bags


You’ll need:

Red tissue paper (I just cut parts of the Sephora bag to use

Black and white striped paper




1. Fold the black and white striped paper and cut it in half. You’ll only need one of the halves. 

2. Take one of the halves of the paper and fold it in half.

3. Cut a small portion of the red tissue paper


4. Scrunch up the small portion of tissue paper and tape it the top edge of the inner right side of the folded paper. The tissue paper should stick out similar to how the tissue paper would stick out of a gift bag.

11160490_958920797453603_1706372860_n_副本5. Now you’re done! You could freely draw or write anything inside. (I initially made this for a birthday >.< haha)


Hope everyone has a Happy Mother’s Day!

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